David Valverde Chanquete

When and why did you start diving?

My life in diving began at the age of 16 in my hometown of Nerja in the south of Spain. Fascinated with the marine world and watching underwater documentaries since I was little, I was curious about see with my own eyes what is hidden under the surface of the sea.

Once I tried diving there was no turning back and it became such a passion that I made a profession out of it.

What is your spirit fish (or mammal/reptile) and why?

I have always been fascinated by nudibranchs, tiny beings of different shapes and colors capable of breathing underwater.

Quiet and humble beings that overflow in all parts of the world.


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What do you enjoy most about diving?

What I enjoy the most is the feeling of weightlessness, being able to feel as if I lived in outer space.

Just listening to my bubbles and my breath.

Dream dive: where and with who?

My purpose is to be able to discover Galapagos, since it is the treasure of
divers. Being able to dive with countless species in a place so far away for
me. If I chose someone, I would ask to revive Jaques Cousteau and enjoy the
marine world with him.

Favorite piece of Aqualung equipment?

The best of aqualung the Iceland comfort semi-dry suit, I have dived with several models of it over the years and without a doubt I will continue using it. Its tightness and comfort are unique.

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What steps are you taking to improve the health of our oceans? Any advice for others who want to help?

Above all I am trying to create awareness so that other people follow the example. I always try to collect all the garbage that I find in the sea and I encourage my students and divers to do it too.

Likewise, I clean beaches to prevent garbage from reaching the sea, forming groups of volunteers.

In my free time I practice Plogging, which is an environmental activity that tries to collect garbage while doing sports.

Any hidden talents?

If underwater bubble toss counts as a talent, you'd be that one. I love learning
new ways to make those air rings that sweep across the seabed.

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