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Diving Rashguards

Aqualung rashguards provide effective sun protection for any water-based activity and are also eco-friendly.

handy in any situation

The convenience of Aqualung rashguards make them useful for any water-based activity to protect you from the sun's UV rays and help preserve the seabed. There is a wide range of styles so you can find the rashguard that best suits your style and what you do in the water.

The Aqualung rashguard, eco-friendly sun protection Built-in UV protection All Aqualung rashguards provide SPF50+ UV protection so you are equally well protected when paddleboarding, snorkelling or diving. Our Aqualung designers have also designed a longer back for our rashguards so that your skin isn't exposed when you lie down on your surfboard for example, where the back of the rashguard tends to ride up. We also gave our rashguard a higher neckline to prevent sunburn on the back of your neck when you do surface work for example. This neckline also helps to prevent your stab vest from rubbing if you're diving in warm water.
Last but not least, we've incorporated a genuine UV-proof layer into the Xscape rashguard's polyester for maximum protection against UV rays.

Eco-friendly protection

An Aqualung rashguard is also a good way to combat sea and ocean pollution. in fact, the Xscape's design means you don't need to use sun-tan lotion, which really pollutes the underwater ecosystem. The Xscape rashguard is the flagship contribution to sustainable development from our range of diving clothing. It is made entirely of recycled plastic bottles with 85% polyester and 15% spandex. Last but not least, a reusable mesh bag is included when you purchase an Xscape rashguard. This bag is also designed as a container for collecting beach detritus so you can pick up litter after your diving, paddleboarding or surfing session.

Gender-specific rashguards

Aqualung rashguards, like our wetsuits, are carefully designed to suit the diver's gender. Therefore the rashguard in the women's range is curvier on the hips and wider at the chest to perfectly fit a female body shape. The Xscape model has patterns and colourways that are radically different for men and women. The model designed for female divers features an understated floral pattern on the upper chest extending to the neck and shoulders, with alternating pastel shades of blue, teal and turquoise. There's also a pink border on the right cuff. On the other hand, the men's version features darker colourways with a green that is midway between khaki and olive green, a floral pattern with shades of grey and black and a red border on the left cuff. Divers can coordinate the Xscape top with leggings in the same shades.

Rashguards to suit all water activities

The number one criterion of our rashguards is their versatility. Our rashguards are also well suited to warm water diving, snorkelling, paddleboarding, surfing and pool activities. Several features have been created especially for this purpose. The Aqua series models feature a special buckle sewn on the front to hold the strap on surfers' boardshorts, preventing the rashguard from rolling up when surfing. Practically all Aqualung rashguards are designed with 80% polyester and 20% elastane for perfect use even in swimming pools. These materials keep the colours looking as fresh as the day you bought your rashguard, even when exposed to chlorine.