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FIZZ - Snorkeling fins
FIZZ - Snorkeling fins
6 styles 3 colors

Snorkeling Fins

Aqualung snorkeling fins offer you comfort and technicality so you can propel yourself across the water's surface quickly and for longer and longer.

Aqualung snorkelling fins: practical and efficient

Practicality is a recurring motif in Aqualung snorkelling fins With Aqualung snorkelling fins, our goal is to offer a practical and efficient fin inspired by the technology used on some of our diving fins, but that you can take with you on your seaside holidays.

Fins that are easy to slip on and adjust

We have designed our snorkelling fins so that snorkellers or underwater hikers can get into the water as quickly as possible. Aqualung snorkelling flippers have several features to help you get them on quickly and effortlessly. The Zinger and Amika fins have a soft adjustable foot pocket while Grand Prix fins have a soft elastic rubber pocket that is just as easy to slip on. Bolt fins are equipped with an open pocket so you can get them on even faster. We have also developed very simple systems for configuring or adjusting our fins. Zinger fins incorporate easy-to-adjust buckles on the pocket. There are elastic straps on our Amika flippers for an optimal fit to keep your foot comfortably in the pocket.

Fins that are easy to take with you

Our teams of engineers and designers have created easy-carry fins for underwater hiking enthusiasts who like to have their own equipment even when travelling. We brought out the Bolt fins and the Grand Prix fins to fulfil these requirements. These two models of flippers have been deliberately shortened so that you can easily take them with you in your luggage for the holidays. This reduction in size has no effect on the fins' power, which enable you to swim fast while saving energy.

Technologies inspired by Aqualung diving fins

When we designed our snorkelling fins, we were inspired by our experience with diving fins. You will find technologies such as the Pivot Flex on Amika fins for example, which is a technology that shortens the fin length for greater foot comfort by guaranteeing absolute movement efficiency with less energy expenditure. All Aqualung snorkelling fins also feature composite blades to increase your propulsion speed and reduce fatigue. On Amika fins, there are also water drainage channels to this effect.