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AQUILON - Dive Snorkel
AQUILON - Dive Snorkel
£22,00 - £31,00
3 colors

Dive Snorkels

Use Aqualung snorkels with their multiple patented technologies for maximum comfort and breathing performance.

Aqualung snorkels, finally you can breathe comfortably when diving Aqualung's teams of engineers and designers work hard every day to ensure that you can explore the seabed without having to worry about breathing comfortably underwater.

Multiple technological advances

Many patented technologies Aqualung snorkels feature several patented technologies to provide you with more comfort, performance and safety in the way you dive.
You will find the Comfo-Bite™ technology that also features on many of our dive regulators on all our snorkels, except the Aquilon snorkel. The Comfo-Bite™ is a mouthpiece made of hypoallergenic silicone that reduces jaw fatigue when placing your snorkel in your mouth.
Our team of engineers and designers have also designed our snorkels with a D-section, so that snorkels like the Aquilon Flex or the Zephyr Flex can rest comfortably on the diver's face. These two flex snorkels are made of a combination of stiff and supple materials in order to keep the snorkel flexible by preventing the flex tube from compressing.

The purge valve, a major innovation in our snorkels

All our snorkels drain water efficiently thanks to our various purge systems. The elliptical drain valve is the most efficient way to drain water. Available on the Aquilon Flex with a double valve system and on the Zephyr and Zephyr Flex with a single valve system, our elliptical drain valve guarantees that your snorkel is extremely watertight and that it reliably expels water in both the swimming and vertical positions.
Our Impulse 3 Flex snorkel uses a different purge technique with its "cone" design, which creates a reservoir of water before the water is drained from the lower end of the snorkel. This way of draining water means the Impulse 3 Flex has an original and innovative shape which has since been patented.

The Impusle 3 Flex, the ultimate Aqualung snorkel

The Impulse 3 Flex was launched on the market in 1989, and quickly became the world's best-selling snorkel. In fact, its patented "cone" design has meant a real technical breakthrough in the snorkel market. Equipped with the Comfo-Bite™ medical silicone mouthpiece, it also features a dual purge valve system and Splash Guard technology to help prevent water getting in. The Impulse 3 Flex and its many features justify its status as a top-of-the-range snorkel, but the Zephyr Flex and Aquilon Flex are also high-performance snorkels.