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COMPASS - Snorkeling Mask
COMPASS - Snorkeling Mask
£39.00 - £49.00
3 colors

Snorkeling Masks

Aqualung snorkelling masks will revolutionise the way you view the sea bed for a long time to come!

Aqualung snorkelling masks: durable and comfortable

Snorkelling masks for all types and ages. As we are constantly striving to focus on accessibility and sharing when it comes to snorkelling or underwater hiking, we have designed masks especially for women, men and children.  A quality mask specially designed for women Until recently, snorkelling equipment was all unisex, whether it was fins, snorkels or masks. However, women have a different face and foot shape. This means that female divers' comfort was only suboptimal till now. Aqualung released the Bonita mask exclusively for women who want to go snorkelling or underwater hiking. It is a high-performance, extremely comfortable mask with a hypoallergenic silicone skirt specially designed to fit a female face shape. Its raspberry colour also introduces a touch of elegance that you can coordinate with our snorkels and flippers.

A product that that is also designed for children

At Aqualung, the product category where we offer the widest range of products for children is the snorkelling masks category. In fact, our Cub snorkelling mask is available for toddlers in size XS and for slightly older children in size S. No less than four models of masks have been designed for children so that they can get their first taste of fish, shells, corals and the rest of the underwater environment. Several colourways are available, especially with the Mix snorkelling Mask and the Urchin so that both boys and girls can find something they like.

Excellent value for money

Our goal is to offer affordable masks at affordable prices while preserving Aqualung's unique know-how, a guarantee of quality.

Deliberately accessible prices

Aqualung is aware that scuba diving is an activity that requires a certain budget, but we didn't want to exclude underwater enthusiasts who may not be lucky enough to be able to dive with a regulator and a compressed air tank. We wanted to create a range of high quality snorkelling masks with affordable prices. The Vista, our top-of-the-range underwater hiking mask, is available from €39.99 and goes up to €59.99 for a mask with super Mirror Lenses technology (lenses that provide better colour contrast and reduce glare). Other benchmark masks such as the Vision Flex LX are available for under 30 euros.
Last but not least, none of our children's masks exceed 20 euros.

Aqualung snorkeling masks are durable masks

Masks for snorkelling or underwater hiking are often carried in beach bags with fins or other beach accessories that bump or scratch the glass. They are regularly used by children playing in the water. So we wanted to make robust masks that would stand the test of time. Several technologies have been developed with this in mind, such as our PC unbreakable lenses, are featured on the Compass. Others like the Bonita or Duetto LX have a durable tempered glass faceplate or shock-resistant polycarbonate glass for clear and durable vision, just the same as the Versa. Aqualung also provides reusable mask cases for some of its snorkelling or underwater hiking masks such as the Oyster, Duetto LX or Vision Flex to keep your mask perfectly protected.

Technical adjustments for a more comfortable mask

Aqualung has developed certain technical adjustments so that you can view the underwater environment for multiple hours without feeling any discomfort from your snorkelling mask. To this end, we have integrated a hypoallergenic silicone facial skirt designed for perfect comfort and airtightness into almost all of our masks such as the Bonita, Duetto LX, Hawkeye or Oyster. Easy to adjust three-way loop systems like you see on the Bonita or quick-release loops for easy adjustment like we use on the Compass help combat the skull compression effect.