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Dive Masks

Aqualung has developed its own range of masks with many technical innovations to make your view of the seabed even more incredible.

Aqualung diving masks, for a totally different view of the seabed

Sight is the sense that people care about the most when exploring the seas and oceans, which is why Aqualung has created a range of masks focused on comfort and performance.

A choice of diving masks based on your preferences and budget

We have made sure that all our diving masks are high quality. However, we have also made a point of making our masks accessible to everyone. Because we care so much about you being able to customise your diving equipment to the maximum, we offer up to 10 colourways on certain models of mask such as the Reveal X2 and 9 colourways for the Plazma for example. With this wide range of colours, you will be able to coordinate your mask with your snorkel, flippers and diving suit. 

At Aqualung, you can also choose between different types of masks based on preference, such as a single lens mask like the Mystique Mirror Lens, a double lens mask like the Look, a panoramic vision mask like the Plazma or a mask with a frame like the Reveal X2.

Technicality on every front

While diving masks seem like fairly conventional equipment, Aqualung's engineers have developed advanced innovations for our masks' frames and lenses.
Our marketing, design and engineering teams work very closely together to give you masks that are more and more comfortable and efficient. For the Linea or Sphera X line of masks, we have developed Advanced Fit Technology which means the silicone skirt moulds naturally to the contours of your face for optimal comfort and a tight seal.
Still with comfort in mind, virtually all our masks have an optimal adjustable strap system that enables you to adjust your mask without having to remove your diving gloves, just by simply pushing a button.
Some of our masks such as the Teknika have a tempered glass faceplate and a shock absorbing techno polymer frame. The Sphera X features anti-fogging Plexisol lenses.

An incredible choice of tinted lenses based on your dive conditions

Aqualung gives you the choice between no less than 6 different types of glass to suit your usual diving conditions. Pure Clear glass has no green reflections compared to standard glass and can reproduce the colour of fish, corals, seaweed and other underwater species with impressive fidelity. It is very useful when visibility is reduced. For sunny conditions, we recommend Blue HD Mirror glass, which enhances warm colours and improves colour perception at depth. The mirror coating helps reduce glare. Amber glass is recommended on deep dives into an environment where you are likely to see reddish colours such as corals or certain rocks. You can see all the characteristics of our different glass options in the product specs for our masks.