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Dive Torches

Aqualung's torches will optimise your visibility during your next dives, letting you examine the seabed in great detail.   

Aqualung torches: See the seafloor in a new light

Aqualung's torches are equipped with high-performance, fun and innovative technology that will illuminate the seabed for you and your diving partners.   Aqualung torches: dazzling performance! Thanks to the power of their light beams, ranging from the Seaflare Mini at 900 lumens to the Seaflare Pro at 2800 lumens, Aqualung torches will literally change how you see the seabed. When you reach a certain depth, the red, orange or yellow colours of corals, rocks, algae and certain fish can appear bluish or green. Aqualung's torches can reveal the warm colours of the ocean floor in all their glory.
Equipped with a system for regulating the power supply, their consistent light beam is unmatched in the diving torch market. Additionally, our lamps are designed to ensure optimal waterproofing to a depth of 150 metres. There is no risk of the battery overheating underwater, as our torches are fitted with high-end batteries. Our engineers have made our torches into high-tech tools, complete with a USB charger and a digital display showing a range of charging information, including charging progress and the power level in amperes and as a percentage.

Choose your perfect torch and colour

The Seaflare series: 3 types of torches to suit your needs  The Seaflare range includes 3 different types of torches. For expert divers who are accustomed to great depths or exploring wrecks, our Seaflare Pro torch is the best choice. Its 2800-lumen light output will allow you to analyse every detail of the seabed with impressive precision. For travelling divers who prefer to carry minimal equipment, the Seaflare Mini is an ultra-portable torch to stash in your diving bag. The Seaflare represents the perfect midpoint between the Seaflare Pro and the Seaflare Mini, with a light output of 1300 lumens.

Set yourself apart with your colour deflector

All Seaflare torches come equipped with 4 ID beam deflectors: blue, pink, tropical yellow and glacier. This feature is ideal for identifying you and your partners during group dives. You can match the colour of your deflector to your mask, snorkel, fins, BC or wetsuit. The deflectors are collapsible so the torches don't dazzle other divers.

Incredible strength and battery life

Aqualung's torches will stand the test of time in terms of both battery life and durability. All three models in the Seaflare range offer three levels of light intensity: high, medium and low. Our torches are designed for a minimum of 3 hours of use on high up to 12 hours in energy saver mode. Our torches contain a tempered glass plate to protect them from corrosion, abrasion and scratches that can be caused by brushing against rocks or sand. The strap included with Aqualung torches is extremely strong and corrosion resistant, as it does not contain a metal spring.