Pierre Frolla

World Champion Freediver, continually pushing himself to new depths
"Everything in your body and mind is connected; the feeling of your skin, the sound, the pressure on your lungs, your ears...it is like being a part of the element. There's no better feeling."

When and why did you start diving?

I grown up near the sea, in Monaco. It was easy for me to jump in the ocean every day. My father was a champion freediver and spearfisher in the 60’s and taught us the love of the sea and importance of protecting marine life. At the same time, he was afraid and tried to stop my brother and I from being in the water every day, because we were young and attracted by the sea, the fish and the depth. He was not pushing me to be a better freediver, and as a young boy, i didn’t understood why. I imagined he had hidden a treasure or a secret in the ocean….so i used to go in the sea, alone with my brother, instead of going to school :-) We wanted to discover what the secret was…… and day after day, year after year, the ocean and the Mediterranean sea became my playground, my universe, my life…..that’s, in fact, the secret i discovered: being in the water every day to become the water.

What is your spirit fish (or mammal/reptile) and why?

I would say that if I had to have a totem animal, it would definitely be the sperm whale. It is in every way remarkable. On the one hand, it is already one of the largest predators on the planet. In this I recognize myself well :-) Then, he is endowed with an impressive ability to descend to very great depths and to stay there for a long time. He is impressive in terms of social organization, he is very intelligent and what brings me even closer to him is his limitless empathy, which almost cost the disappearance of this species. I love diving alongside him. He is gentle and powerful at the same time, he is curious, patient, attentive and of unparalleled dexterity. He is the Lord of the Oceans.😊

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What do you enjoy most about diving?
The spirit of adventure, sharing, courage, abnegation, humility, fraternity and commitment. I love the values that this activity instills, advocates, defends and appeals to. No dive is the same, no same dive is experienced in the same way by people in the same dive; this is just crazy!!!

How do you approach non-divers to get them excited about learning to dive?
I show them images of me dancing underwater, telling them about my adventures and all this to very pleasant music. And usually I get lots of followers ahahahaha

Dream dive: where and with who (alive or not)? 

My dream dive? Just the next. Simply the next

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Favorite piece of AquaLung equipment?
The Pierre FROLLA Limited series which has existed since 2016, which now has 3 models and which is offered to each trainee during the FREEDIVING TOUR which takes place every 3 years.

Diving skill you are working to improve?
For 30 years I have worked to balance my ears upside down without using my hands; I always said to myself that since I had managed to descend to -139m without this
technique, imagine how far I could have gone with it ahahahahaha

Any hidden talents?
A hidden talent? ahahahahahah No hidden talent no !!!!; I am far too pretentious not to
show the general public and the whole world everything I can do

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