Gotzon Mantuliz

When and why did you start diving? 
I started scuba diving at 18 or so. I have always lived near the sea and felt the need to be able to explore it a little more 

What is your spirit fish (or mammal/reptile) and why? 
I think Dolphin. Social, curious, a little crazy... 

What do you enjoy the most about diving? 
Being able to contemplate and interact with extraordinary wild animals. It is somewhat curious, despite not being our environment, encounters with marine animals are much friendlier and closer compared to terrestrial ones. 

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Most memorable diving experience? 
I couldn't just have one. I will always remember a very close encounter with a group of dolphins in Revillagigedo, for a long time they did not stop surrounding me, looking at me and trying to communicate with sounds and movements. Suddenly two giant oceanic mantas appeared, a couple of sharks that were nibbled by dolphins… 

And another unforgettable day, a couple of dives in a Lobera in Baja California. Dozens of Sea Lions swimming around us, baby sea lions nibbling my arms and fins... And millions of sardines forming tunnels as you moved, it was like diving through passageways and suddenly a gallery opened up when a cormorant appeared, diving in search of food. The Wolf pups chasing them to remove some feathers and play with them, the pelicans plummeted over our heads as if they were bombs... An authentic spectacle of nature in which I could dive every day of my life without getting tired. 

Dream dive: where and with whom? 
In any place where I have a close encounter with a large animal, it is what I like the most about diving. And of course with my underwater godfathers Gador Muntaner and Rafa Fernández, with them I have experienced the best dives so far. 

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