Alban Michon

Perfectly at home above or below the ice, Alban pushes the limits of technical cold water diving
"We all have a treasure deep inside us that just wants to be exploited. My treasure, my passion is diving"

When and why did you start diving?
I started diving in 1988 at the age of 11. Nobody was diving into my family and I wasalready cutting magazine pages when I saw pictures of divers. I also looked at the time, Cousteau's shows that made me dream. I did not live at the seaside and so I started diving in the pool and I immediately liked this feeling of weightlessness. I felt good and I loved to discover another universe. I then decided that I will do my job. I think that's passion, something we do not control and that attracts us. 

If you had a spiritual connection with a fish, which one would it be?
I really like the Arctic sea angel. I think it looks like a small transparent butterfly and it represents all the poetry of polar waters and I love it! 

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What do you like most about diving? 
First of all, I like the weightlessness, the fact of flying underwater, the feeling of having no limits. So I like first of all this spirit of freedom, we are really in a universe apart.  

Your favorite Aqualung equipment ?
The elite regulator because it is light, strong and we have something that works perfectly under the ice in cold water (having tested it in Greenland under the ice pack).

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What steps are you taking to improve the health of our oceans? Do you have any tips for those who want to help? 
So there are three things. The first thing is that I take care of myself, not to touch the bottom, not to touch the animals. The second thing is, during my expeditions, I bring back scientific information to better protect and understand the oceans. The last thing is that I work on this because during my next expedition, this underwater scientific research base will allow scientists to immerse themselves for several months under the Arctic Ocean to begin with, in order to better know and better protect the oceans. 

Any hidden talents? 
I sing very well underwater when I'm diving, the music of the 80's.  

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