Javier Murcia

When and why did you start diving?

I started diving at the age of 5 or 6 with light equipment (Snorkel) because of the love I felt for marine fauna and flora (marine biology). Even as a child I had my identification books for fish and other marine species.

What is your fish (or mammal/reptile) spirit and why?

Well, any deep-sea fish, I think it's my dream to get to know that inaccessible ecosystem, if I were a deep-sea shark I could enjoy it.

What do you enjoy most about diving?

Observing marine life is like watching a documentary, but live.

Most memorable diving experience?

I have many, but without a doubt being able to watch a male seahorse release its young, a very special and unique moment in nature.

Favorite Aqualung equipment?

 a very complicated question… I think the regulators, to say something, because I like all the equipment

What steps are you taking to protect our oceans? Any advice for others who want to help?

Well, my tool to divulge and publicize our seas and oceans is through my photographs. I think it is fundamental for the protection of our ecosystems

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