Core ACD Partner


Core ACD Partner

A Partner Center version of the first stage with Octopus, each with aunique serial number, an excellent choice for an... See full details ▶
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Core ACD Partner

Item No. RG129P

Product Details

A Partner Center version of the first stage with Octopus, each with aunique serial number, an excellent choice for an alternative air source. Thelong bright yellow hose on the second stage allows for easy buddy sharing andvisibility during dives. The Calypso Partner is an excellent choice forequipping pony bottles or safety stop cylinders. This cold-water regulator isCE approved.
Core ACD Partner
Core ACD Partner

What’s in the box

  • Core Supreme Regulator
  • User's Guide
See: Regulator Owner Manual-AQF-22_02_21.pdf


First Stage

  • 1st Stage TechnologyDiaphragm, balanced
  • MechanismT-shape
  • Dry chamber                                      Yes
  • Maximal Working Pressure                300 bar in DIN version, 232 bar in yoke version
  • ACD System                                     Yes
  • Number of HP ports                        2 (7/16" UNF)
  • Number of MP ports                        4 (3/8" UNF)
  • Medium Pressure                            9.5 bar ± 0.5 bar (137 ±7 psi)
  • Flow Rate (Surface, Hose)               1450 l/min (51.2 cubic feet/min) HP = 200 bar
  • Body                                                Marine brass, bright chrome plating
  • Shield protector                               Polyurethane
  • Removable HP crown, spring           Stainless steel
  • Conical Filter                                      Sintered bronze
  • O-Rings                                                EPDM


Second Stage

  • 2nd Stage Technology                                Unbalanced
  • Mechanism                                                Demand valve, downstream poppet
  • Cracking Effort                                            2.5 to 4 mbar (36 to 58 mpsi)
  • Venturi adjustment knob                           Yes
  • Box bottom, deflector, Venturi vane          ABS
  • Purge Cover                                                Polyurethane
  • Mouthpiece, Exhaust Valve, Diaphragm    Silicone
  • Poppet                                                           Polyurethane
  • Adjustable Crown                                          Stainless steel
  • Overall work of breathing (WOB) scores      Avg. 1.0 joules/liter


First Stage
  • Cold Water Resistant 
    • Cold water resistant in waters below 50-degrees Fahrenheit or 10-degrees Celcius
  • Auto-Closure Device 
    • Prevents corrosive water out of the first-stage inlet by automatically closing as the core is removed from the cylinder valve. This prevents internal lubrication from washing away and is safer for higher proportions of oxygen
  • Balanced Diaphragm 
    • A balanced diaphragm provides superior, consistent performance
  • Yoke or DIN 
    • Available in yoke (3,300psi/232 bar max.) or DIN (4,350psi/300 bar max.)
  • HP/MP Ports and "T" Shape 
    • 2 HP ports (7/16”) and 4 MP ports (3/8”), perfectly oriented in a “T” shape for streamlined hose positioning, reduced exhalation effort, and sending bubbles out of your field of view
  • Up to EAN 40 
    • Compatible with up to EAN 40 right out of the box

Second Stage
  • Comfo-Bite 
    • Comfo-Bite mouthpiece is soft yet sturdy and reduces jaw fatigue with its unique palate bridge
  • Pneumatically Balanced 
    • Pneumatically balanced for smooth, easy breathing
  • Venturi Knob 
    • Easy control: the in-line ergonomic Venturi knob lets you make precise adjustments, even while wearing gloves
  • Heat Exchanger 
    • Patented heat exchanger dissipates cold caused by gas expansion while drawing in warmth from the ambient water
  • Lip Shield 
    • Equipped with a lip shield to keep lips warm